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Flower Bouquet

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Expect the Extraordinary!


our flowers

It is the simple pleasures in life that put a smile on our face and on the face of others.  Is there a better example of such a pleasantry than an exquisite bouquet of freshly cut flowers to brighten a room and our spirits?  And when we consider the flowers are locally grown, freshly harvested within 24 hours using eco-friendly farming methods, our smile can grow even bigger.

Expect the Extraordinary!  Our beautiful bouquets are lush, fragrant and unique. Along with dahlias, lilacs, and specialty tulips, we grow nostalgic old-fashioned varieties such as night scented stocks, specialty nicotiana, giant zinnia, lisianthus, Italian ranunculi, and more!

Bouquets and arrangements will vary to reflect the beauty and uniqueness of each season, with six options for you to select from, or you can purchase a full season of flowers
Each week, your subscription will come arranged in your choice of arrangement:
 gorgeous hand tied bouquet, or an eco-friendly sweet posy jar.

option 1

A gorgeous hand tied bouquet

option 2

an eco-friendly sweet posy jar

Our subscriptions run from March through October. Pick up will be available in Sechelt and Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast, B.C. with dates and locations to be confirmed in the Spring of 2023.


At times the fields are bursting with blooms including specialty tulips, dahlia’s, sunflowers, and zinnias. When this occurs seasonally we will post varieties and availability to our newsletter. Please be sure to subscribe for updates here. Add-ons of single variety flower bunches can be purchased each week when there is an abundance!


Buckets of blooms are available to purchase all season. Please contact us using our online form to let us know which blooms you are interested in, as well as the date of your event.


Each bucket contains 45-75 stems and sells for $65-$100 depending on the varieties. It’s a wonderfully simple way to decorate your home with enough blooms for every room!


Call ahead if you are having a party, and are in need of an abundant bucket of gorgeous blossoms.



spring has sprung


6-WEEK sweet posy JAR SUBSCRIPTION -$150 ($25 WEEK)

We can’t think of a more exciting time for flower lovers. The winter rains have subsided, the mason bees are back and the dark, rich soil is bursting with new life. But most importantly, the specialty tulips are blooming and the perfume of the heirloom scented narcissus dances in the air! In the Spring Bouquet Subscription, you will find the best of what the new season has to offer. Icelandic poppy, butterfly ranunculi, anemone, heirloom scented narcissus and of course exotic long stemmed specialty tulips!

This subscription will run from Mar 30 to May 4

vibrant spring

6-WEEK BOUQUET SUBSCRIPTION - $185 ($30.00 PER week)

6-WEEK  sweet posy JAR suBSCRIPTION - $150 ($25 PER WEEK)


The Spring/Early Summer Subscription introduces the romantic flowers of summer that remind you of Gramma’s garden. Enchanting sweet peas, heavenly scented lilacs and old fashioned romantic peonies, bleeding hearts, solomon seal, foxgloves, and late blooming tulips.

This subscription runs from May 11- June 15.
Screen Shot 2020-11-30 at 12.03.20

solstice summer

6-WEEK BOUQUET SUBSCRIPTION - $185 ($30 per week)

6-WEEK sweet posy JAR SUBSCRIPTION - $150 ($25 per week)

The daylight hours are plentiful and the floral production is just miraculous! The fields are pregnant with brightly colored flowers. Abundance and enchantment are in the air. The long days of summer subscription introduces the first of the dahlias. Your bouquets will be plump with romantic chantilly snapdragons, blue-tinged eucalypt’s, jewel-toned larkspur,  lupins and delphiniums, phlox, cosmos, nicotiana, zinnia, and heady scented lily

This subscription runs from June 22 to July 27

high summer

6-WEEK BOUQUET SUBSCRIPTION - $185 ($30 per week)
6-WEEK sweet posy JAR SUBSCRIPTION - $150 ($25 per week)

In the High Summer Bouquet Subscription, you will receive a weekly selection of the best of what the season has to offer! It will be filled with all the colours, textures and scents of summer! Some of our absolute favourites are coming on strong in the fields! Delicious Dahlias, unusual varieties of sunflowers, lisianthus, nigella, queen-anne’s lace, gomphrena, zinnias, phlox, lily’s, and lots of textural grasses, are all in abundance, and waiting to be shared.

 This subscription runs from Aug 3 - Sept 7




As the sun sets earlier and the days get shorter some of the fields begin to sleep while others are spurred on to new growth as they relish in the cooler evenings!  The Autumn Bouquet Subscription includes lovely dahlias that will still be blooming abundantly, as will the sunflowers, rudbeckia, ornamental kales, zinnias, strawflower, salvia, stocks, and more. 

The dahlias and sunflowers will be in full bloom and we’ll have tons to share with you! Warm harvest tones and textures, bright yellows and magentas, the rich colours of autumn are truly something to celebrate! 

This subscription runs for 4 weeks and will be confirmed as we get closer to the date. Please check back by mid-summer.

full season



begins on Mar 30 and ends on Sept 7 !


Enjoy farm-fresh flowers all season long with this luxurious subscription!

Each week we will harvest armloads of field-grown blooms and creatively arrange inspirational seasonal bouquets to fill the vases of your home or office! 

Your deluxe subscription begins in the spring with favourites like sweet peas, narcissus, exotic tulips, anemones, and delphinium and is followed with peonies, snapdragons, larkspur, and more! Then on into summer and autumn when the field blooms burst open with their offerings of an abundance of dahlia’s, zinnia’s, and sunflowers to fill your vases! 


When you purchase a full season subscription, we offer you $50 in Farm Bucks as a token of our appreciation! The bucks can be used to purchase food or flowers at our Farm stand or Farmers market! 

We hope you will join us. 
Thank you so much for supporting our urban farm endeavors!

*Payment is non-refundable and total payment must be received

to reserve your Bouquet or Sweet Posy Jar Subscription.

 **GST and PST will be added to all prices

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